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Science, Policy, and Advocacy on Population and the Environment

Activities & What's New?

Highlights of CEP activities, and what's new or coming up:

Winter-Spring 2016

GGCA - New case studies booklet released "From Concept to Action: Stories of Gender and Climate Change"

Spring-Fall 2015

CEP in the news: "Africa PHE Updates" by PRB supported by USAID, on Worldwatch Institute's FPESA blog, see it here.

The Center for Environment and Population (CEP) Learning and Resource Platform acts as a clearinghouse and resource library for materials and sources on a series of CEP's main focus topics, including:

- Gender and climate change

- Population, Health and Environment (PHE)

- Population-environment links

- Migration and environment

- Reproductive health and rights

- Environment and development

-Reproductive Health and Rights Project (RHRP) engages campus youth as the next generation of new young leaders in a US state, regional and nationwide movement to achieve reproductive health and rights in specific targeted US states, including in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia.

-The new "Engaging US Campus Youth as Reproductive Health & Rights (RHR) Leaders" project 2015-2017 works with partnering US University campuses, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Advocates for Youth local affiliates in the states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, and Connecticut to educate, train and facilitate a cadre of campus youth to be an integral part of RHR advocacy and movement building in their states and regions.

-Tune in to the award-winning "Academic Minute" with Dr Lori Hunter on Migration and the Environment.

Winter-Spring 2015-ida, Texas, North Carolina

- UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 59th session, see side events part of the GGCA blog series by V. Markham here:

"Gender Inequality and Climate Change: How to Tackle a Double Injustice"

"Human Rights and Climate Change - Our Environment, Our Life, Our Rights: Let's Talk About It"

"Health, Livelihood, Gender, and Environmental Benefits of Access to Energy for Girls & Women"

“The Environment and Gender Index: Measuring Success toward an
Equitable Future”

- PHE and campus youth: CEP's project to engage the next generation of youth on PHE, works with US academic institutes and expert partners to provide real world opportunities for PHE mentoring, fellowships and jobs.

- New project launch: Migration and the Environment. CEP activities reach policymakers, new young leaders, constituents and the public with a focus on evidence base and outreach. See the new Academic Minute, "What Does This Have To Do With That?" series, Learning and Resource Platform, webinars, speakers forum, social media events, and more...)

-Wordwatch Institute's FPESA project, see conceptual framework here.

Summer-Fall 2014

- Global Health Corps (GHC) Advisors Webinar, CEP presenting, see it here.

- CEP at the UN General Assembly: participant in the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice and UN Women's "Women Leaders Forum on Climate Action" Sept 22

Spring 2014

- PHE Strategy Meeting, Population Association of America Annual Meeting (PAA), Boston, May 2, 2014 (see agenda here, participants list here).

- "Lunch N Learn" on Population and Environment Links with CEP and Planned Parenthood Global affiliates nationwide, Spring 2014, see it here.

- "Engaging Youth in Population-Environment Advocacy" campus events: University of Miami, School of Public Health, see it here, and with student activists group UM-UAID, see it here, Spring 2014

Fall 2013

- International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP), largest ever on family planning, see coverage here, Twitter here @markhamv, PHE award and link here.

- South by SouthwestECO (SXSW) Distinguished Speakers Session on "Climate Wise Women: Global Leadership from the Grassroots", see it here; and University of Texas, Austin, Brown Bag Lunch, see it here. See press here and here, and picture here.

- Society for Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Annual Meeting Session on RH/Population and Environment, organized by Woodrow Wilson Center with CEP and Resource Media as partners, Chattanooga, Tennessee, see it here.

- UN General Assembly Side-Event "Women Delivering Development" CEP co-organized with Woodrow Wilson Center, Sierra Club, Aspen Institute, see it here. See participants list here. See pod cast here and here, and media coverage here.

- Boston University Forum, Film Viewing and Discussion on "RH/Population, Health and the Environment" CEP co-organized with Pathfinder, Woodrow Wilson Center, Sierra Club, see it here.

Summer 2013

- "Lunch N Learn" CEP presentation for Planned Parenthood Federation of the Southeast (PPSE) on "Population, Reproductive Health and Environment", see announcement here, see PPT presentation here.

- New CEP publication: "“CEP Guide to Women and Sustainable Development Issues in US Colleges” by Allison Schaefer, see it here.

- CEP Fellows Program with Friends of UNFPA and Yale University Office of Sustainability, see blogs here.

Spring 2013

- CEP Campus based events: University of North Texas; Florida Atlantic University

-"Healthy People, Health Environment" CEP and partners film screening and discussion, NY May 15, 2013, 12:30pm (see flyer/invite here)

-Florida and Texas Campus Events on Population, RH and Environment

CEP organizes a series of youth-campus events in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and other targeted states. See Florida events here, here, here and here. Texas events here and here. More are scheduled for 2013-2014.

-CEP attends the Women in the World Summit NY

See Gates Foundation "Impatient Optimists" blog here and RH Reality Check blog here.

Winter 2013

-"Wilton Go Green" Community-based advocacy: CEP gives presentation on Rio+20, see invitation here.

- National Council on Science and the Environment (NCSE): CEP session on "Women and Climate Change Resilience", see it here.

- New short PHE film "Healthy People, Healthy Environment" by our partners Woodrow Wilson Center, see it here!

- New Infographic on "Women, Population and Sustainable Development" by CEP partners Resource Media, see it here!

- New Webinar on "Population and Environment" by Resource Media, see it here!

-"FP2020": CEP is a member of the FP2020 Stakeholder's Group and Consultative Network (UK's DFID and Gates Foundation's London Family Planning Summit)

Winter 2012

- CEP featured as top speaker at 12th Annual National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment, Washington, DC, on "Women, Health and the Environment", January 2012

- CEP in experts session at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)on "Population, Development, and Environment: Solutions for Global Challenges", Vancouver, Canada, February, 2012

Spring 2012

- "Road to Rio" Experts Panel Forum, UNGA Side-Event, see it here.

-Boston Grasstops event on Population-Environment, see flyer here, CEP and other sponsoring organizations here, and handout here.

Summer 2012

-UN Rio+20 Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: CEP events, blogs, press release, fact sheet

CEP was an NGO delegate to the Rio+20 meeting June 2012 to advocate on the issues of women, population, and reproductive health linkages with sustainable development and climate change. See CEP's:

-CEP Population-Environment Summer 2012 Fellows: see report here, blogs here.


-The World at 7 Billion Population: What's New, CEP Activities

- CEP side event, UN General Assembly and Clinton Global Initiative Framing Event on "Connecting Local to Global - Women, Climate Change and Conservation" September 19, 2011, 9:00-10:30am,New York

This event highlights the powerful personal narratives of leading Global South grassroots activists. Guest panelists will discuss their successful, innovative women-centered approaches to environmental conservation, climate change, and development through on-the-ground grassroots networks. They will help connect the dots between seemingly remote climate and other environmental occurrences, with the daily realities of the US and global communities’ policies and actions. The event will be opened by the Honorable Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and founding director, Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice. Guest panelists include:

- Constance Okollet, Chairperson, Osukuru United Women’s Network, founding member, Climate Wise Women, Eastern Uganda

- Thilmeeza Hussain, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Republic of Maldives to United Nations, Maldives

- Professor Karanja M. Njoroge, Executive Director, The Green Belt Movement, Kenya

CEP organized the event with partners Climate Wise Women, Izaak Walton League,and Sierra Club.

- "The World at 7 Billion: What It Means for Women and the Environment" Monday, May 9, 2011, White Plains, NY. See flyer here. CEP partnered with the League of Women Voters, Izaak Walton League, Pew Center for the Environment, the Alliance for Global Conservation.


- UN MDG Side-Event: "Population & Environment: Linking MDGs 5 and 7", held September 21, 2010, NY, Church Center, United Nations Plaza

- Planetwire

- CEP Population, Climate Change, Environment Fellowship Program

- U. Colorado Blog

- RH Reality Check Blog



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